Sunday, September 12, 2010

New Blog!!

I no longer use this blog..... Please visit me at if you want to see what we are up to.. I am actually keeping that one up!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hamilton family update

Well it has been forever since I have updated this thing. I know I am completely lame, but since the death of my beloved computer and all my pics I have spent little to no time on the computer. And I don't want to add pictures to this computer as I fear this one is on it's last leg as well. Oh well! My mom is getting on me for not updating so here I am, limited pics and all.

Things are going well here in the Hamilton home, we finally sold out rental home which was for sale for a year. We were so sick of renting it out and the renters trashing it, we were constantly having to fix things and redo the yard..... Also our rental agency was horrible... So a year of two mortgages is finally over.. (As Sam would say) Hip-Hip- Hooray!

As for me most know that I am pregnant again. I am 15 weeks and finally over the nausea! I felt like it would never end. This has been a very weird pregnancy, very different then any of the other 3. All and all things there are going well, and I am getting more and more excited to have this baby here. The kids couldn't be more excited and that is so fun for me. I am still learning the Piano but since I have been pregnant I have been working on it far less, hopefully I can get back into full swing.

Jared's company is doing great. He is working from home now which is so wonderful. I don't know if he can ever go back to a convention job after this. It is fun to see him with the kids, before he was never home he left before the kids were up and was home after bed. But now it is so fun to see them play. He is just a big kid, and Lucas told me that dad is a secret clown. "for reals." Because clown are the only ones that funny. He is traveling a lot but I think he loves it, I am sure he missed the guys. He is also graduating for Babson college in July. He is in an automotive masters program, and loves it. He really is awesome with all the things he can do.

Lucas is doing so great is school, he really growing up! He is reading so well and his teacher says he is reading above his grade level. He is really enjoying the Wii, his favorite game is Mario Cart especially when he gets to play with Grandma Carol. (that is if her internet is working...MOM) He used to play on the bees baseball team and he is hoping to do that again this spring.

Samantha is doing great in preschool. She is a social butterfly and is always switching boyfriends. She has learned all her letters and sounds and she too is anxious to read. She is always trying to read with Lucas. Her interpretation is sometimes better then the real thing. Right now her love interests fluctuate between Coulter and Noah sometimes she like Jameson. I think it is hilarious that she like boys already. Boy am I in trouble. She is also taking dance and she is loving it. It is a perfect for her.

Tyler is potty training and doing great. About two weeks ago I decided he was ready because he was always asking me to go potty. Although he never did. I went to the store and got a bag of candy but aside from going potty in the morning nothing worked. So about 4 days ago I got a bag of suckers. (his favorite) and since then he has had almost no accidents. I think he had one the first 2 days but the last two nothing.. Even pooping he will do, he is just wearing underwear, it is so exciting. I am sure his teeth will be rotted soon, but oh well it is for a good cause. He is talking up as storm and is always the life of the party.

Well that is about all i can write about and about all any of you want to read.. So for now we miss you all and I hope to be better update in the future. I will get on Jareds computer later and upload some pics.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

First Snow

We had the first snow of the year, and the kids had a blast. Samantha was digging tunnels with here head, Tyler was more interested in eating the snow then playing in it, and Luc was a crazy man, he couldn't get enough. Here is a video of a snowball fight with dad.

Halloween and Tys bday

Halloween was a great day. Grandma Carol and papa came down, and we went to breakfast, carved pumpkins, went trick-or-treating and of course birthday stuff. Ty loved his spiderman cake way more then anything else. He was always mad trick or treating because the people would put the candy in his bag and not in his hand. He just wanted to eat it.. It was pretty funny, he didn't last long.

Halloween was a great day. Grandma Carol and papa came down, and we went to breakfast, carved pumpkins, went trick-or-treating and of course birthday stuff.

Lucas in the circus

Lucas was one of the lions in the kindergarten circus. He was a riot.. And he had a blast, GG (great grandma Donna) came to watch and that made Lucas' day. His lion suit was a little short, but I was desperate, I ended up buying it on, it is surprisingly hard to find a lion costume in a bigger size then 4. When I got there I realized he could have worn anything with the mask. Oh well! Sam and Ty have a blast with the costume.